No-Bake Coconut, Cranberry, and Chocolate Nut Bites


I started making no-bake cookies and bites about a year ago after learning how similarly finely ground nuts taste to cookie dough. Since then, I’ve tried a few different varieties including no bake bars that taste like vanilla shortbread and chocolate chip cookies.


Though I will admit that these raw cookies and bites don’t taste exactly like the real thing, they are definitely a satisfying alternative. And because these treats are made with all good-for-you ingredients like nuts and coconut oil, they are pretty much guilt-free.


I made these bites last Sunday and had them as a snack throughout the week. I love having a couple of these bites on hand at work for a mid-morning or 3 pm snack when a chocolate/sweets craving hits. Instead of leaving me wanting more sugar, these raw bites give me an energetic pick-me-up and satisfy my sweet tooth.


I love the versatility of these no-bake bites because you can customize them using whichever nut/dried fruit/chocolate combination you’re in the mood for or that you have on hand. You can definitely omit the chocolate for an even healthier treat, but the chocolate chips are my favorite part. And if you’re not a fan of nuts, you might just like these bites. My mom and I joke that nuts are her nemesis, but surprisingly, she enjoyed these bites just as much as I did.


Unlike regular cookies that take time to make, bake, and cool, these raw treats are prepared in no time. For an even quicker sweet snack, press the dough into a rectangular dish to make bars instead of rolling into balls. I like these bites when they’re a bit firmer after being refrigerated, but if you can’t wait for that boost of energy, eating the dough right out of the food processor is perfectly fine by me.


No-Bake Coconut, Cranberry, and Chocolate Nut Bites

Adapted from Oh She Glows and Shutterbean

Makes about 40 bites

–       2 cups raw almonds

–       2 cups raw pecans

–       5 medjool dates

–       2 tbs. maple syrup

–       1 tsp. salt

–       1 cup shredded coconut

–       ½ cup coconut oil

–       ½ tsp. cinnamon

–       1 tsp. vanilla extract

–       ½ cup dried cranberries

–       ¾ cup semisweet chocolate chips

Blend almonds and pecans in a food processor until mostly finely ground, but some larger pieces remain. Add dates, maple syrup, salt, shredded coconut, coconut oil, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Blend again until all ingredients are fully incorporated. Add dried cranberries, and pulse until dried berries are chopped and incorporated into the mixture. Transfer mixture from food processor to another bowl, and fold in chocolate chips until combined. Form small balls from the dough, place on cookie sheet, and refrigerate until firm. Nut bites are best kept refrigerated.


8 thoughts on “No-Bake Coconut, Cranberry, and Chocolate Nut Bites

  1. These look amazing! I am going to have to try and make some myself now that I can’t walk three feet next door for you to feed me your delectable creations. I also really enjoy your blog layout! Great design!

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  3. Thanks for posting some no-bake recipes for those of us still oven-challenged in the Far East. I’ll be hunting down the ingredients this week to give them a try!

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